Cold and Sunny…

…is the perfect running weather for me!  My first run of 2013 today was really good.  Yeah, it was slow, but it was with strollers, it was the first run after NYE fun, and it was really cold.  But, the best part was the company!  And, I felt great.  I love runs when there is no pain of any kind and you feel like you could go on forever…that’s how it felt to run today, and it made me happy, really happy!

My outfit today…

I was test running a new top!  Everything else is tried and true!  It’s a Title Nine top and I love it!  It’s warm, colorful, has cute details, and didn’t slide up while running.  LOVE IT!  Thank you Dad for the top and for turning me on to Title Nine! 


Cute rushing on the sleeves and sides.  There are also gel pockets on the sides of the shirt, hidden by the rushing. 
After running we came home for nap time and then Sky spent a few hours at the parents house.  I got to put some of my Christmas money to non-running use and found exactly what I needed!  No pics, because I’m comfy on the couch and too lazy to go take the pics.  But, I needed to replace a pair of non-running athletic shoes and needed some casual, non-jean’s pants for every day wear.  I had a pair of green converse pants that I loved, and wore way too much, but got bleach on them when I was cleaning, so had to replace them.  Also needed a new wallet since mine was coming unstitched and falling apart.  

While Ross had virtually empty racks and shelves, what they did have was on clearance and I found everything I needed for really great prices!  Bonus was new PJ’s on clearance!  Sometimes I love bargain shopping and hunting for that great deal, and today was one of those days. 

So far sticking to my goal of Sky being at the parents = me time is working great! 

It’s not all about me though.  Look how cute Sky is in the new Carhartt overalls that Mark got her.  She is so ready to finish the bathroom for him!  😉

She loves her Magna Doodle as well.  That thing is great…I don’t need to supervise and it keeps her busy for a long time!  Thank you Alex and Tina!

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