Not New Years Resolutions!

It’s no secret I don’t care for NY Resolutions.  My personal preference is to make changes and improvements all year long, not wait for NY and then after 3 weeks laugh and joke about how short lived my resolution was.  I’m not judging those that do make them, for some it works.  I just tend to find myself in a constant state of evaluation and adjustment. 

So, I’m a little irritated that a few things I want to change and or begin are falling at the resolution making time of year.  Thanks to a magazine article and some really great Christmas gifts though, some things need to happen, and they aren’t going to start happening until after this weekend, thanks to timing. 

1.  The January Sunset magazine has an article about a family that unplugged big time.  While I found their unplugging to be a bit extreme it appealed to me none-the-less.  So, we will be unplugging on Saturdays starting, ummm I don’t know when yet.  My only request was during football season/playoffs/Bowl season we not miss games that we (ok mostly I) want to watch.  So, it will depend on the bowl games, and NFL playoffs as to when this starts. 

My goal is one day that we spend together with no computer, no TV, and no cell phones.  There is so  much input and output via social media, texting etc. that it feels like a break is in order.  More importantly I don’t want Sky thinking she has to compete with all that for our love and attention. 

While we won’t be playing games on our phones, checking FB etc.  We will have our phones on, so if friends and/or family need or want to reach us, arrange plans or whatever they can do so.  We aren’t trying to be antisocial after all, just trying to have less social media and more quality family time. 

2.  Cooking with my Grandma every other Sunday (subject to changing to Saturday/Friday/or whatever day works).  My Dad gave me my Grandmas very old, and very loved Betty Crocker cookbook, with tones of hand written notes, and a binder with all her favorite recipes in it.

It’s funny, because sometimes I swear I hear her saying my name and it’s always when I’m in the kitchen!  The last few years I spent more time with her in the kitchen helping her see what she needed since her eyesight was so bad.  And, we spent a lot of time talking about baking cupcakes.  I don’t even like to bake that much, and I don’t remember her ever making a single cupcake, but we were both fascinated by fancy cupcakes with yummy fillings and beautiful frosting, and talked about all the combinations we would like to make and how we would go about getting the best flavor. 

So, starting with the new year I’m going to go through all the recipes and “cook with Grandma” every pay day weekend.  I picked payday weekend just because that’s when I do the bulk of the grocery shopping and I know I’ll be able to add ingredients to my shopping list if I don’t have them on hand already. 

3.  Wednesday afternoons are for me, and me alone.  I’m so thankful that the parents take Sky for a few hours every Wednesday.  It started out with me going to the coffee shop and reading the whole time, or shopping for whatever I needed for myself.  Somehow it has turned into errand running, house cleaning, and doing things that have nothing to do with recharging my own battery. 

Don’t get me wrong…it was really nice to take the shower doors off the bathtub and scrub them top to bottom without Sky underfoot, but I’m with her 7 days a week, and am lucky to have a full nap every day of time to myself.  And, her naps are my time to take care of stuff that has to be done, not stuff I want to do. 

Starting next week, Wednesday afternoons are back to being me time, and I’m going to be very protective of that time.  I have so many books I want to read, a knitting project I want to start and finish, a free mani and pedi that is going to expire soon, cooking shows that only I enjoy watching.  So looking forward to it!

That’s it for now as far as resolution type things go.  Just so this isn’t all text here are a few Christmas pics to enjoy! 

Daddy showing Sky how her new balance bike works!

She looks so grown up in this picture.  😦 but 🙂 at the same time.

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