My New Office

A few weeks ago I went through my closet and cleaned it out.  I was brutal, got rid of 5 garbage bags full of clothing, shoes, handbags, hats, and some craft supplies.  Most of it was pretty worn out, and ready to move on.   

What prompted this clean out?  I felt the need to be organized, and I knew there were cloths in there that either didn’t fit, or I didn’t love how they looked on.  Plus, I have a whole work wardrobe that hasn’t been worn in 19 months…some of that stuff was worn out when it was being worn, so I cleaned that out as well.  I kept enough pieces to get me through interviews and going back to work though.

Another factor, I don’t have any office space of my own.  The office we have is Mark’s room and I’m fine with that.  But, I needed some space for the little paperwork etc that I’m responsible for and somewhere for my laptop to live that Sky can’t get to. 

I’m also on a whole house purge right now.  I just feel the need to get rid of it if it isn’t something we use every day, or have a specific purpose that we need filled if it is used less often.  Plus we are getting rid of some of our bigger furniture/storage so I’m having to make more room in less space. 

Since I already knew how I wanted the closet to look/end up after the clean out I started there. 

The results…

My laptop and cell phone now have space to charge and yes, I do sit on the closet floor, sometimes I grab the step stool, and use the computer.  Above the computer is jewelry and our wedding pic.  I wanted my closet  to store what I needed it to, work as a little office space, and feel cozy as well. 

Behind the laptop are two baskets with all my running accessories like gloves, hats, GPS watch, GU, gel, Glide, fuel belt etc.  I use that stuff every day so wanted to go through it and get it organized…I know that pic makes it look like a jumble, but it really is organized in those baskets.

To the left of the laptop is paperwork, recipes to organize and a book to go with my peg board for trigger pointing.  I also have less used stuff back in that corner, like all my winter gloves that go with my dress coats, a file box full of cards for any occasion and my old cell phone and accessories, in case the new one dies or something. 

Closer look at the shelf above the laptop desk area.  The jewelry I wear the most, and a few magazine pages showing a million ways to tie and wear a scarf and a few other fashion tips that come in handy. 

In the opposite end of the closet behind the laptop station is more shelving that holds all the summer shoes, foot powder/spray etc (runners have nasty feet…just saying) all my jewelry making stuff (I probably should have gotten rid of it, but I still make custom pieces here and there), handbags and a picture of Sky…again trying to make it functional yet cozy and happy as well. 

See all those empty hangers?!  That isn’t even all of them…that’s how much stuff I got rid of!

Lower shelf under Sky’s pic is another space for books, paperwork, address book etc.  And, a spot for my Grandma’s jewelry box and jewelry I don’t use as often but has meaning to me. 

So, that’s my new office and my effort at organizing and making the most of the space I have to work with.  There is a whole other shelf I didn’t take a picture of storing travel stuff, and camping cloths and other clothing/travel items that I need, but don’t use on a daily basis. 

I have gone through part of the smaller pantry (the one that holds all the drank and bar stuff), have a bit more to do in there.  Next is the utility closet and Asian book shelves in the entry hallway.  It’s just too dark and bulky for our smaller entryway.  But, it’s a challenge…there is a crap tone of stuff stored there. 

I feel lighter already though.  Streamlining and cleaning your physical space has a way of making the inner self feel lighter as well. 

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