That Felt Way Too Difficult!

The Stroller Group run was not really a group, was El and I taking turns pushing Sky.  And, even with having help pushing I had to walk one of the hills.  It just felt really, really hard today.  Probably from the lack of regular running and all the holiday food, drink, and treats.  Just felt like a slug trudging through wet concrete. 

But, as always I enjoyed running time with El and being able to run our own pace and chit chat about whatever we wanted.  Friend running time is always good even if the running itself doesn’t feel great.  3.01 miles with an average 10:30 pace.  Not bad!  Last group run of the year, wondering if the numbers will increase with the New Years Resolutions. 

There are a lot of great Christmas pics to share and stories to tell, but until the photographer has a chance to view and edit his handy work I won’t be posting anything. 

So instead I share a few cut pics from today…

I guess that means I just deemed myself cute.  🙂  New running top and pants, thank you Dad!  Ran in them today and both are amazing!  The pants look great, and function great as well.  No rubbing in wrong spots etc.  The shirt kept me warm, didn’t slide up while running and doesn’t rub in the wrong places.  Plus it has a half zip for the turtle neck part, so as I heat up I can unzip and help control body heat.  Love, love, love this combo!  Trying to add color to my running gear, so love that this tope is purple and white! 

Showing off her new Hello Kitty track suite. 
Two of her new favorite things…her chair and her harmonica!  Thank you Grandpa for the chair, Grampy and Grammy for the harmonica, and Grandma for the Hello Kitty outfit!
If only the whole world were this happy while grocery shopping! 

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