Sky’s First Hair Cut!!!

Yesterday was the big day.  It was time to get her bangs our of her eyes, and lose the baby mullet! 

We got there early so Sky could explore and get used to the salon. 

Before the cut, playing around. 
El and Sky playing in the sink. 
Letting El know what her expectations are.  😉

Mommies hair needs some work too!
It wasn’t all happy see above and below, but Daddy stepped in and offered a friendly lap to sit on and that helped a little.  

Eventually Sky let El finish and she now has a cute new, more stylish than Mommy, hair cut!  And the best part is…she didn’t lose her curls!  
A big, big thank you to El for giving Sky her first hair cut.  It meant a lot to me that someone who has known Mark and I from the first date was a part of one of the big firsts in her little life!  

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