Play Date

Reagan and Sky had their last play date before Christmas, which meant a little gift exchange. 

I forgot my camera, so had to use the phone…little blurry. 

Sky LOVES stacking things and building towers only to knock them over.  The blocks are already getting heavy usage! 

Reagan was super excited about the tissue paper! 
Jodi, Amy and I had fun visiting, keeping track of the mini’s, and critiquing how each of us cooks eggs.  Hide and seek was particularly adorable.  🙂 
I was a little on edge most of the day after finding out Grandpa was having emergency surgery, but just before leaving for the evening run club I got a call letting me know that Grandpas outcome seems like it was the best case scenario.  He is going to have a nasty scar, but he is ok and the malignancy does not appear to have spread! 
Tuesday night run was another fast one…2.94 miles with a 9:30 pace and Michelle and I found $11 total, 2 $5’s and $1!  We got coffee money while running!!!  Can’t beat that.  Well I could beat it if I found money on the stroller run this morning.   

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