TV Free Day

This is how I will be spending my time today…

…playing with Sky, doing whatever she wants to do, running one last Christmas errand for her bff Reagan. 

What we won’t be doing is watching the Today Show, News, or TV period until Monday Night Football, or maybe some ESPN, or better yet my new Sound of Music DVD!  (Thank you Beckham’s!) 

It’s just too much, the constant coverage of the shooting, the officers killed in Kansas, the threat made against WA Schools…and on and on.  It doesn’t do me or Sky any good to wallow in the grief. 

I have heard some criticism for getting on with normal life and some feeling like others aren’t grieving enough. 

To that I would say I think most people are doing the same thing I am, fighting tears on a minute to minute basis.       

Since Friday every time Sky runs up and gives me a hug, or smiles at me, or I cross a finish line in a race with her, or we play together, or we sit as a family and have dinner, or I spend time with my friends, or think about my friends that are teachers I have to fight to keep from crying. 

I feel sick and sad, and my heart just hurts. 

But, does any of that do Sky any good?  My one and only job during the day is her and doing my best to make sure she is healthy, happy, and growing into a person that values herself and others and contributes to her community.  My sitting around wallowing in grief and shock and crying isn’t going to accomplish any of that. 

So yes, life is moving on like “normal” for the majority of the country/world.  Because we don’t have much choice.  There is work and family and plans that just don’t make sense to cancel and we all have little people in our lives that are either too young to understand (and don’t really need to know what is going on) or they are old enough, but need the normalcy for their own well being.    

While my thoughts are with the families that lost loved ones, my actions are with my family and friends and enjoying each and every second of every day that we all have together. 

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