Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful we don’t have any plans today.  No where to go or be, but there is stuff to get done.  I have a to do list that I’m excited to tackle. 

It includes stuff like…

laundry…not my laundry
I have several phone calls to make and a vet appointment to make for Ollie…just a check up, not a big deal, and I’m feeling the need to streamline and purge.  Starting with my closet and I’m being brutal…if I don’t wear it once every two weeks it’s out…if it doesn’t fit, it’s out…if I don’t LOVE how it looks on me it’s out!!!  Once the closet is done it’s on to the rest of the house! 
I also plan on spending a good amount of time playing with this little girl…
She loves that stroller, but the dogs don’t!  She is kind of a terror with it. 
Tuesday night Michelle and I joined the Tuesday Night run club at Fleet Feet for the first time.  There is a 3 and 6 mile group…we went with the 3 mile group.  What a fun time!  It was a fast run, faster than what we usually do on our own.  I think this group will be great for us once the 1/2 training starts! 
Our splits:
Avg Pace
Summary 26:47.3 2.77 9:40
1 9:29.2 1.00 9:29
2 9:39.8 1.00 9:40
3 7:38.3 0.77 9:54

Wednesday morning I had the Stroller Group run…funny how mush slower things are with a stroller to push…and Elya and I were switching on and off as we had both our girls in her double. 
Avg Pace
Summary 31:09.5 2.92 10:39
1 10:48.4 1.00 10:48
2 10:47.3 1.00 10:47
3 9:33.8 0.92 10:21
No more runs until Saturday’s Santa Run with Sky!  
Anyone else have fun holiday races planned?   

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