Elf on a Shelf

We decided Sky was ready for her very own Elf.  While she doesn’t grasp the full intent of Tinsel, her elf’s name, she does wake up every morning ready to find her.

Apparently Tinsel has an infinity for high places…

Just a few of the places Tinsel has spent her time hanging out.  This morning she was in Mark’s stoking peaking over the top.

Some people really get into the whole elf on a shelf thing…their elves make messes and get into all sorts of mischief, Tinsel is not one of “those” elves.  Mostly because I’m not willing to create messes to clean up.

It’s fun figuring out what our Holiday traditions with Sky will be and see how excited she gets about all the festivities.  She may not fully understand what is going on, but she knows it’s different and special from the normal day to day.    

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