Sky’s First Race!!!

Yep that’s right, I figured after chasing her around the house and yard day after day that she is probably close to 3 ish miles a day of running from Mommy.  Her new running shoes are perfectly broken in so she should be good to go!  December 15th she will join me in the Santa Runs Tacoma 5K.  It will be an automatic PR for both of us since it’s her first race and my first race with her. 

I suppose I could have signed her up for the Tiny Tim’s 1K, but why not go big the first time right?! 

I just hope I don’t have any jogging stroller flat tires the morning of the race.  You didn’t think I was making her actually run the race did you? 🙂  Although, if she were running it and I were chasing her I probably would PR! 

I don’t know when I’ll stop saying never in regards to my running life, but I never intended or wanted to run races with her in the stroller.  Enter the stroller running group, and leading the charge for a group of stroller running mommies to run the race together!  So, yep I’m running my very first race ever with Sky, did I mention it’s a course I have mental health issues with?!  Oh well.  I will be with friends and will have new music going, and Sky to distract me.

Last race of the year with Michelle, Sky, Stroller Mommies (actually I don’t think any of the other stroller mom’s have registered yet…I may be the only one), and our friend Alex’s first 5K…sounds like a great last race of the year to me!  Looking forward to it! 


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