Busy Few Days

Lack of posting due to living life, not posting about it.  🙂  Sometimes we are just having too much fun to stop and post about it. 

Thursday – I was thankful that we had an unexpected play date with Jodi, Reagan, and Harrison.  I pretty much invited myself over and told Jodi what to make me via Pinterest.  She’s a good enough friend to go long!  🙂 

(Also, I needed to not run to rest my hip, but would have run because I’m dumb like that, so was glad she texted.  I went into the Dodgeball playoffs Wednesday night with a lot of pain and took a hit to the leg that set off waves of muscle spasms from hip to knee.  I plaid through it, but by the time I got home was kinda hating life.) 

We, I mean Jodi, made PB&J muffins and the girls played.


…PB&J Muffins…I thought they were good, even better the next day!


Snack time…don’t they look like I caught them doing something naughty?!  

Reagan is making sure Sky is hydrated! 
Friday – Sky and I went to Michelle’s (different Michelle) to make our Christmas gifts in jars gifts.  It took all day but we ended up with yummy stuff and useful stuff!  I was wore out by the time Sky and I got home to start our girls weekend.  (Mark was out of town for a guy weekend.)  No pics of that because I forgot the camera and don’t want to give away the gifts before I have a chance to give them to people. 
I did get to spend some good quality time with my Christmas gift Friday after Sky went to bed…
My new laptop with Windows 8! 
My old laptop, which was a netbook which means it was small, the size of a book basically, was dying a slow death.  It had been through a lot, I mean a lot…from cups of hot honey tea being dumped on it, to traveling all over with us, to crashes to the floor.  It was time to upgrade. 

Small example of why the netbook needed replace…see the screen cracking open and pulling away from the case?
Windows 8 is different, really different, but I’m totally getting the hang of it.  No, it’s not a touch screen monitor and everyone says if you don’t have touch screen Windows 8 is pointless, but I’m totally fine with it.  Not having any issues and think it is a bit easier to open and use without reading any instructions. 
Saturday – Went to a Holiday Bazar at Grace’s school with the Beckham’s and Michelle’s sis in law and two nieces.  They just moved here from Texas!  After that we all went to Fleet Feet so Michelle and I could register for the Santa Runs Tacoma 5K, and so I could pick up my new GPS watch.  Then got a call from Mark saying he may need me to come get him because he was so sick he couldn’t drive, but needed to come home.  So headed to the Beckham’s to grab a quick bite to eat, and wait and see if Mark was going to attempt driving, which he did and eventually made it home safe and sound. 
Sunday – Started the day with El running 5 Mile Drive.  Since she is post 1/2, had new shoes on, and is having some pretty good knee pain and my hip was killing me we walked more than ran, but I’m ok with that.  I was just glad to be out there running as we could and catching up. Plus I got to test drive the Garmin Forerunner 10, and let her test drive my old NB GPS watch. 
Came home, cleaned up and headed to Cabela’s with Mark and Sky, then came home and watched football.  Was pretty tense through the Steelers game, but so glad they pulled off a win!  Batch is the best back-up QB ever!!! 
Busy few days, but tis the season.  We have more busy days ahead but it includes fun times with fun people, so not complaining.  
Hope you all had a great weekend!!!    

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