Apple Sauce!

I fixed my photo limit problem myself.  Figured out a work around to get around the storage limit…a work around that does not involve paying for extra storage, or Mark having to figure it out since he has his hands full with work right now.  On to regularly scheduled blogging!!!  

We came home from E WA with a box full of yummy apples, grown in a back yard orchard.  So nice to get fresh home-grown apples that taste yummy!

It took one whole day, three pans cooking at once, one electric peeler, a calculator, a measurement conversion chart, a test batch for taste testing before cooking them all up, and help from Sky (meaning lot’s of patients from me!) to go from this…

…to this…

Lot’s of yummy applesauce!  
The jars are for sharing with a few peeps and the glass containers are in the freezer for us to enjoy.  Mark discovered that caramel flavored vodka spiked applesauce is pretty great.  Just takes a bit of a splash, not much, but it is pretty yummy!  

A big thank you to Jodi for letting me borrow her Rotato!  I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but now that I do I want one!  This thing was like magic and saved me from hand peeling a box full of apples!  Thank you…I’m bringing your applesauce to you today!  (Dad do you remember hand peeling apples when we were kids and trying not to break the peel string?)

The recipe I used actually came from but if not for the measurement conversion chart in in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook I would still be trying to figure out how much to increase everything X12 spread across 3 pans!  
I’m sure Sky thought she was being helpful and having great fun while doing so…
 She saw what a mess I was making and got out all the kitchen towels to help me clean up.
 Under the kitchen sink…thank goodness I took all the cleaners and chemical stuff out a long time ago and only store TP, paper towels and Kleenex under there.  Strange place for paper products but it’s non-toxic and that’s all I really care about.  
Umm….darn she caught me, does this mean I can’t play under here anymore?!  That is her worried look, her oh boy am I in trouble, or does mommy think this is super cute and going to let it slide look.  
Mommy does think that her hair is too long and it’s time for her first real hair cut…stay tuned for those pics!

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