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I love this blog: PurposeFairy

In this fast paced life that we live reading this blog makes me feel like everything has stopped or at least slowed down.  It allows me time to reflect on myself, my life, and how I’m living it and reacting to it.  I’m not a New Years resolution person, I’m a make changes as needed when needed, set goals and take on new challenges all year, not just one day a year kind of person.  PurposeFairy helps me do that on a daily basis and I love it!  

When I’m angry, frustrated, irritated or feel like I’m drifting this blog helps me let go of all of it and figure out how to move on.

Today’s post is about the 3 different types of people in life and which one are you and is it working for you.  It really was not a relevant post to why I’m feeling angry and frustrated today, but it did prompt me to do a double check and make sure I’m being the type of person I want to be and that my life is how I want it to be.
I feel pretty good with my self evaluation today*.  It helped me focus on what is truly important to me: being the best me I can be for my life and for Mark and Sky.

After reading today’s post and doing a quick check-in with myself I found peace in my heart, let go of the negative feelings I was struggling to be done with, and resolve to not let others rain on my life.   They can have their thunderstorm, I’m going to get a bright rainbow colored umbrella and go puddle jumping with Sky.  (It’s actually a sunny clear day today so no puddle’s to be found, but you get my point!)

Check out the blog it’s worth it! 

*No I’m not perfect and find things on a daily basis I could be better at or do better in my life.  But, no one is perfect…the important thing is to be mature enough to do some honest self evaluation every now and then and work on what needs to be worked on. 

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