Monday’s can be not so great even when you have the best job in the world (staying home with your cute munchkin!). 

It started great actually, got up at 5:15, did my one mile for the day, came home and crawled back in bed until Sky summoned me.  I literally got up put on my running stuff and left, no food, drink or anything else.  Dressed and left…figured I can do anything for 10 minutes or less.  The only way I’m going to get through this daily running challenge is to only do a mile on the days I don’t have a scheduled “normal” run.  Normal being 3 to 6 miles.  I will still do those runs and only do the mile on the other days.

I have to say I kinda liked getting back into bed after a run.  I have never done that…usually I’m too sweaty!
Then I met Jodi, Reagan, and Harrison for a walk.  It is a cool, crisp, sunny day today so it was perfect!

  The girls ready to go! 
I was feeling pretty productive when I got home.  I ran, did Cyber Monday gift shopping, had friend time with Jodi, got the grocery shopping done on the way home and Sky down for a nap.  Made a couple phone calls that needed to be made and was ready to move on.
Then I made the mistake of checking my email and you know what I’m ticked off, really ticked off about unrelated situations.  Ticked off on behalf of a friend and ticked off for myself.  And I let it totally distract me from the other things I wanted to do today.   
Since it’s up to me to fix my outlook that’s exactly what I’m going to do!!!   
I’m done for the day people.  No more computer time, no phone time, I’m done.  Unless you text or call be babe, then I will pick up because I love you and not ticked at you.  🙂  I’m putting on the music I like and doing whatever Sky and I want this afternoon.  If it makes her laugh then I’m happy and that’s what we are doing!  
(I may have some Pinterest time later…that makes me happy and doesn’t open the door for communication, opinions, advice or whatever else that FB/Email does and won’t tick me off further.) 
I’m going to let go of what isn’t mine to be ticked about, and work on letting go of the rest so I can focus on enjoying the rest of my day with Sky and Mark.   

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