Best Running Partner Ever!

Shout out to Amy, who is running the Seattle Marathon today.  I’m sure she is done by now, have not heard how it went.  While I was running my little 4 miler this morning I was sending good running vibes her way!

(Shout out to ND for securing a spot in the BCS Championship game!!!  I can just hear Dad ranting about it now, but I’m happy!)

Sky looks much cuter post run than I do! 

I LOVE my little running partner!  She cracks me up while running, says hi to almost everyone we pass, and points out all the dogs.  Best part is she hardly every fusses on runs.  The only time she fusses is when I slow down too much, then she starts yelling GO, GO, GO at me.  You would think I’d be running 7 min miles by now!  I love running with my adult running partners, but I tell you it’s nice knowing Sky is there every day if I need her to be.

Today’s run felt hard, it felt slow, and my hip hurt.  Sitting in the truck for hours and sleeping in a different bed did not do me any favors.  So, I was surprised to see this when I took a peak at my splits on. 
(BTW – this is my fave part of Runkeeper…checking out my splits.)

mi Pace (min/mi) Elevation (ft)
1 10:01 -14
2 9:58 -7
3 10:02 4
4 8:41 11
5 7:57 1

I feel good keeping a 10:30 pace while pushing Sky, so was crazy excited to see my last mile was under 9 min!  I did pick a pretty flat run today, just because my hip hurt, but still I don’t usually even try to run fast while pushing her, I focus more on form and not leaning too much into the stroller. 

Tomorrow starts the mile a day challenge until NYD.  I’m looking forward to nice easy pace with Ollie on those short 1 mile days.  I feel better running every day, like my body gets used to it, so this stretch of running will be good I think. 

Happy Football Day All! 

One thought on “Best Running Partner Ever!

  1. Actually, I watched the game and I fell in love with something ND does that is becoming more rare in today's style of football. ND knocks the crap out of the opposing teams. Yes, they are not afraid to HIT the snot out of you. Today's football is such a water down version of what the game used to be about. This team is a group of tenasious hitters. At least I know they are for real and because they hit so hard I am hoping they take it all the waY.


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