Thankful Thursday

Yesterday – Elya and I were the ONLY runners that showed up for the Stroller Group run, in the pouring rain!  I was soaked clear through every single layer I had on.  I tell you I felt pretty hard core running in the wind and rain, and best part is I feel like we totally earned our indulgences today! 

Thank you Elya for being there and not making me run alone!  No matter how hard the run is it’s always fun running with you!

Today – Watching football, hanging out with family, Sky playing outside in the warm sun, ordering gifts online, watching the parade, cooking yummy food, drinking lot’s and lot’s of wine and champagne all in PJ’s. 

There is so much I’m thankful for that it’s hard to put it all into words.  To keep it simple I’m thankful for my life, and for every person that is part of it.  You all make my life so full and rich and amazing.  Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving all!  

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