Running Challenge Issued!

I have accepted a Holiday Running challenge.  1 mile a day Thanksgiving to New Years Day.  The group I’m doing this with decided that you can miss 2 days a week as long as you make up the miles that next day.  So basically the challenge is run 5 days a week for a total of at least 7 miles a week.

I did tell them that I won’t be starting this until the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I’m not going to drive 4 plus hours, over the pass, in the snow to spend time running when I could be visiting my family which is the whole point of the trip anyway. 

So Starting Monday the 26th, 5 days a week with at least 7 miles a week! 

Want in on the challenge?  Join the Wonder Woman running page on FB here: Holiday Run Challenge
And, comment on the run challenge post so they know you are participating! 

Michelle Beckham – yep I’m calling you out girl – I think you should do this!  🙂  1 mile a day, 10 minutes tops to run around the block!  Nice way to end the year and kick start our running for the new year! 

Sky and I went for a quick little jaunt today.  Average pace was like 9:36 ish…not too bad considering I was pushing her and my good hip was hurting.  Go figure!  Does that mean I no longer have a good hip?  I think I need some stretching and peg boarding and it will be fine.  Ended up doing a run, walk, run to give my hip a break on the hill.  It hurts worse pushing up hills.  I was happy with my pace for both running sections though.

Oh, and Mark test ran his new shoes Yesterday on the treadmill at the Y.  He was smart, did a slow paced run walk combo just to get used to them and let his feet adjust.  Can’t wait to get a run in with him!

Now off to pack and get ready to make the trek over the pass.  Can’t wait to see some snow tomorrow!

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