Peanut Butter and Playdates

The staples in the life of a stay at home mom.  There are few others, but these are a hit as of late.

I know I talk about running a lot, but while it’s a big part of my life, it’s not by any means the most important. 

Most important is my family.  My relationship with my husband, and raising a little girl we can be proud off. That means when my family needs me running no longer matters. 

While I didn’t particularly feel like Sky needed me today I realized by the end of the day it was a good choice to go on a play date, chill at home, and skip running. 

Sky was a happy camper playing with Reagan and having lunch at Jodi’s today.  And, bonus I was super happy to catch up with my friend!  It had been way too long.  Extra, extra bonus…Harrison time!  He is so cute and snugly.  And, I even got a lesson in changing boy diapers.  It’s totally different people!   

Given the crazy rain and wind I kinda thought running was out of the question, but there was a break this afternoon and I was on my way to putting the running gear on.  On the way though I was tripped up by Sky playing with the dogs and it only took one look at how happy she was for me to realize today needed to be about her, and what makes her happy. 

I realized at that point that I hadn’t had any fits, she had been totally easy going all day, listened to me, said please and thank you, and was basically having a really good Sky day.  Not that there are very many bad Sky day’s but today was one of those dream days.  Running was probably not the top of her list today, so I took it off the top of my list.

We had fun playing with the dogs, reading books, and hanging out with zero agenda.  Kinda perfect.  

 Who doesn’t like peanut butter toast to start the day?  She takes after her Daddy…Mark LOVES peanut butter! 

 (Not a great pic…forgot the camera so used my phone.)  Sky and Reagan having a meeting of toddler minds.  I have no idea what captured their attention. 


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