The Woo To Your Hoo

Last night Mark, Sky and I headed to Fleet Feet Sports Tacoma to claim the free shoes, inserts, and socks that I won in the drawing.  Since I’m set for shoes for now they agreed to let Mark claim the prize!   I get the Garmin watch though!  The rep is sending the green one to the store for me, so excited!    

This was the first time he has been fitted for running shoes and was excited for the opportunity.  I was excited to let a running thing be about him for a change instead of me! 

Step 1 – measure both feet sitting and both feet standing. 
Nick was awesome and got a book for Sky so I could read to her between photo’s.  
Reading the Foot book…very fitting!
Step 2 – run while Nick videos you, then play the video on the large TV above the treadmill while Nick analyzes your stride and explains it to you.    
 Step 3 – try on shoes, and test run them, or two different ones if you want.  Mark has a Nike and a Brooks on the treadmill.  

He ended up going with these…
Brooks PureFlow 
I think it all came down to one of the tag lines for the shoes being “Simply put they are the Woo to your Hoo”.  Who wouldn’t want shoes that are the woo to your hoo?!
Just kidding, Mark tested all the shoes that would work for his stride and put thought into it.  He takes his time when shoe shopping, and Nick talked him through each shoe he tried on, so I know he got the shoes that were the best fit. 
After he settled on the shoes it was time try inserts until he found the one that fit best in the shoe and felt good on his feet, and socks as well.  The socks even have an L and an R on them so he puts them on the right foot so they can do whatever it is they are going to do for him.  
Now all that’s left is for us to go on a run together!  
A HUGE Thank You to Fleet Feet Sports Tacoma for allowing Mark to claim the shoe prize and experience a fitting!  I’m really looking forward to running with my hubby!     

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