Half Fanatic

I haven’t run since last Thursday.  Busy weekend and Sky has a cold, and I have a bit of a cold, so have been laying low so I’m ready for the Stroller Run tomorrow. 

Just because I haven’t run doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it.  And, that led to me setting a big goal for next year. Becoming a Half Fanatic!  That means three 1/2’s in 90 days.  And since I’m already registered for See Jane Run in July and I plan on doing the Run For a Soldier in September that means running a 1/2 in August is all I need. 

Not looking forward to running a 1/2 in August…hello hate hot weather running! 

The nice thing is there is no time requirement.  As long as you start and finish three 1/2’s in 90 days you qualify.  So, while I totally want to blow my time out of the water, I don’t have too if it starts getting to be too much.  Getting to that first one will be the hardest, after that just have to maintain the training/keep the weekly miles up there and stay healthy for the next two.  Oh and maybe find a few peeps to run me in the last few miles!  

On top of thinking about my running goals I have been doing a little running shopping…Thank You Dad!  (I know…next time I use Sky’s mirror for self pics I will clean the hand and lip prints off first!)

 Long sleeve running top from Athleta!  

Back of top.  It’s very pretty and totally different from what I usually go for!  
 North face E Tip gloves!  I love using my phone without taking my gloves off!

 Brooks bright pink reflective jacket for running in the dark!  It is not for warmth, but I can layer under it, it’s so people can see me in the dark.  I don’t have anything like this and really needed something to fit the bill!  Flash in your face!  Wanted to show off the reflective parts.  
 Another pair of pink compression socks from ProCompression.  Every time I find a discount I get a pair and I love these!  I have the blue argyle and love the pink!  I could have 20 pairs of these things and I would still want more!  

I guess I like flash in my face.  🙂  Start Line Shirt from Oiselle.  It’s hard to see but it’s a bar graph of the different race distances.  
Lest you think all I care about is running…
The new Aerosmith Album!  I was at Costco and saw it and had to have it!  The 13 year old girl inside was doing back flips when she saw it was the delux edition and has a bonus CD with extra songs, a DVD with videos (shot at the Tacoma show Michelle and I went to) and interviews, and a poster!!  Steven is still so Rock Star Cool I can hardly stand it!

And since my family really just wants to see pics of Sky here you go…
 She is probably happy because she doesn’t have any pants on.  Girl does not care for pants or socks.

This is her preferred view of life in general.  She stands on her head All. The. Time. 

2 thoughts on “Half Fanatic

  1. I love seeing the things you buy for running. I love the role of being your sponsor. But most of all I still want to be able some day to run with you. About once a week I get to run a mile on the tread mill. I can truly say I love the way running leaves me feeling. Except, in the past it always flared up the blown hip, knee, and the foot neuropathy would be unbearable. At least until Val could give me a treatment. Then I would be pain free and feel like another mile, only to flare it up again. However, we are training a student our techniques and she is very good and I have been getting weekly treatments and most the time I am pain free, even with running. For the first time I am convinced I will fully recover from the injury a year ago. There should be some 5k's in my future. From the sound of things Miles would run off and leave me without any trouble at all. Keep posting your “gear” on the blog.


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