Growing Up

Can you believe Sky has gone from this…

To this…

What happened to my baby girl?  It really hit me the other day when I passed the baby ergo to Jodi so she can use it with Harrison.  I can’t begin to tell you how sad that makes me.  I’m so thankful Sky was a baby that loved being worn, because I used the heck out of our moby wraps and the baby ergo.  I loved wearing her, walking her to sleep, calming her down walking circles through the house. 

Now it seems there are days that the less contact we have the happier she is.  I know it’s all part of growing up, and she still has her cuddle days for sure.  And, I love this stage, I really do.  She still has that last little bit of baby in her, but is talking and learning every day.  She is showing compassion, kindness, anger, her opinions, politeness (feels like a huge success to have her saying please on her own without prompting!), frustration, joy, determination and love. 

Even though I love this stage, I have moments that I just have to morn the loss of my baby girl.  I know I’m not the only mom to go through this and I’m not special, but it’s what I’m feeling right now.  

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