I Won!!!

Imagine my surprise when I saw this on FB yesteray………….

The winner of the Fleet Feet sports shoe pack, which includes shoes, inserts, socks and the Garmin Forerunner 10 is (drum roll please)… Jen Yeatman!
Umm, yeah I never win anything, so this was a surprise and I’m super excited!  Since my shoe situation has vastly improved as of late (perk of coordinating the stroller group) I don’t really need the shoes, so I’m going to see if they will let me give that to Mark.  He would like to run with me sometimes, but he has never had good shoes fitted for him.  If not I will start stockpiling shoes for myself…it’s never a bad thing to have back up shoes!  Especially on a single income! Anything I can save money on/not spend money on means I can get something else needed instead. 
I’m super excited about the watch!  I have a NB GPS watch, and it works pretty well.  There are times when the GPS doesn’t connect at all, but it works well enough.  But, Garmin is the Big Daddy of GPS running watches and even the least expensive is just out of my price range when there are other running things I need.  
So, this is the only way I would end up with one.  I’m really excited that this is the basic, easy for a dummy to use, model…that’s just what I need!   

I don’t know if I get a color choice, but if I do I’m going for this one…

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