Busy Life

It’s been a busy few days!  I was all ready to go with a lovely Happy Birthday post for Mark Thursday, and it just didn’t happen.  I felt kind bad about it until I thought about it…What’s more important posting about his birthday or Sky and I celebrating it with him?!  Sometimes we (the collective we all!) can get so caught up in taking the perfect pic, or pics for the blog, or playing words with friends, or checking email and we forget to actually live life and have fun.  

I didn’t post because I was busy making sure Sky got an early nap so she wouldn’t be cranky during birthday lunch at Asado with Daddy!  I took her to Frog and Kiwi to let her play and tire her out.  It worked because she made it through lunch and a visit to Fleet Feet, Mark wanted to see the store, and the bike shop next door to fix the flat tire on the jogging stroller.

Marks birthday gift from Sky…

  Her first masterpiece!  
His “real” gift is 3 12 X 24 printed canvases…was an screaming deal from Livingsocial.com!  I’m letting him pick the pictures since he has a whole lifetime of pretty amazing pics to choose from, and they are going to be on our walls for a very long time, so wanted to make sure they are pics he really wants printed in that form. 
 Sky and I at lunch.  
Once Sky and I got home I had to scramble to change into running gear, cook dinner and take it to the Beckham’s for Mark, Bob and the girls to have dinner while Michelle and I went to Fleet Feet to participate in the grand opening adventure run!  (Yep…second visit to the store in one day and 4th of the week!)  
I was kind of an idiot about this adventure run!  First of all running at night and didn’t put on a hat or gloves, or pants.  But, I did have a day glow Fleet Feet Sports shirt on representing the store.  I was also an idiot to think that this was going to be an easy run around Proctor going from business to business collecting prize tickets.  Stupid…it’s a running store…of course we are going to run our butts off!  To get the most tickets you had to run to the businesses that were the furthest away.  So Michelle and I picked the furthest business we thought we could manage and still get back by the deadline.  Oh, and they started 15 min late, so we had 45 min instead of 60 to cover as much ground as possible.  We ended up running about (I forgot to track it, based this off the miles listed on the adventure run map they handed out) 5 miles round trip in 45 min, and 7 of those minutes were spent in Safeway purchasing canned food to get our ticket.  Easily the fastest pace run Michelle and I have done together!   

We didn’t end up winning any of the prize drawings, but Michelle got a NB bag full of goodies, and I got a perfect for me Asian themed running shirt that Janna tossed at me!  Oh, and we grabbed some wine and apps after to celebrate!  Was a really fun evening of running adventure with Michelle.

Friday I headed back to the store (5th visit…this coordinator gig kept me busy this week for sure, but I LOVE it!) for the grand opening sale.  Turns out the one thing I actually needed was not on sale and the shirt I wanted wasn’t on sale either, but I had some grand opening specific money, thank you Dad!, and one of my perks is an in-store discount so I still got both items, and still have money left over to wait for the Stroller Running Group Moving Comfort event coming up!  Ended the evening at the parents for Mark’s birthday dinner with them.

Spent Saturday grocery shopping and getting ready for Mark’s birthday evening at Joey’s.  The one and only thing he really wanted to do this year was watch Prometheus at Joey’s in his in-home theater.  It seats 6, so was us, Joey and his girlfriend and Bob and Michelle.  Had a nice dinner, good wine and drank, and watched a really good movie!  The nice thing was Justina spent the night with Sky so that we could spend the night at Joey’s.  He lives far enough out that it’s nice to have that option!  Sky was a happy camper when we got home…didn’t bother her at all that we were gone.

Today we are chilling, watching football, hanging as a family, watching the 49’ers game with Brian.  Best part is…Mark has tomorrow off!  Love just hanging at home with my man and my baby!      

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