It’s Sky’s World…

Running first…Ran 2.2 ish miles with an average pace of 9:37…it felt like a fast run.  I started fast because I felt really good!  But, I got down to the park and around the lake and decided to walk back home.  When I run uphill with the stroller my bad knee bothers me.  I think it’s the ergonomics of leaning/pushing the stroller.  When I run without the stroller my knee is fine, so it’s something to do with pushing the stroller.  Anyway, given the first Stroller Group run tomorrow and the grand opening run Thursday, I decided to play it safe.  

…and, we’re just living in it!  It’s pretty clear to me that it is astonishing to her that the world does not bend to her every whim.  We are approaching the “terrible two’s” and I see hints of it, but what I see more of is the fun-loving, kind, smart, little girl that I love spending my days with. 

Her favorite thing right now is Ollie.  Her and Ollie still have a few issues to work out when it comes to each others toys, and who’s food is who’s, but the two of them together results in a lot of giggles and playing.  I totally feel like the two of them are in league together against the adults, but I love watching the two of them interact so it’s worth it.

Things Sky is saying:

“No poopoo, I gassy”

“I goo girl” Goo = Good

“Bess you” = Bless you

“Dub, dub”

“Joi” = Jodi.  I find it funny Jodi has yet to hear her say Joi.  She does not perform on demand.

“More” = thank goodness!!!!!  Now I know what she wants!

“Anna” = Banana

“Qua qua” = duck

“Momo” = Monkey

“E E E” = sound a monkey makes

“Pee” = Please

“Tha U” = Thank you

“Go go” = outside right now!

We do the alphabet every day.  Some days we get to D sometimes we get to R.  Today she only said every other letter, I would say A, she would say B, I said C, she said D and on and on.   Half the time when we do the alphabet when I say A she says apple, B – bear, C is C, D – Dog, E – Egg, after that it’s just the letters. 

She is supper cuddly and gives tons of hugs and kisses all day long.  Mostly to Ollie and Bishop, but I get a few as well. 

She loves playing with her BFF Reagan, but I see the look of bewilderment when sharing comes into play.  She also loves playing with her belly button.  Totally fascinated by it!

She has an absolute $h!t fit when I change her diapers.  I don’t know why…is it the break in play, or the invasion of privacy, I don’t know, but it’s a kicking, hitting, screaming event almost every time.  I love it…NOT! 

She it way more interested in playing with her training potty than sitting on it. And, the one attempt to poo in it resulted in poo on the floor.  Fun times.  

Opening car doors on her own is a big deal and results in ear to ear smiles! 

Her fave thing right this minute…

Yikes…terrible pic of me…fresh out of the shower no bra…lovely. 

The washable, white board crayons I got her with eraser mitten.  As you can see she loves sitting at her table drawing on her little white board.

She has caught on to our bedtime routine and bedtime books are out.  As soon as we say books she loses it.  I read to her all during the day so she still get’s book time, but she doesn’t even want to look at her bedtime books any more.

Our little girl is growing and changing every day, it makes me a little sad sometimes, but I LOVE it!  

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