First Stroller Group Run!!!

First a shout out to Jodi, who had a baby 6 days ago and showed up today to the stroller group!!!  She is amazing!

I also want to say Thank You to Jodi because wouldn’t you know my stroller had a totally flat, can’t be saved tire!!  It was flat before I ran yesterday, so I pumped it up and did a short run with Sky.  I was going to go back out and check it later that evening, but Mark was out there and he reported it was low, so obviously it wasn’t holding the air I put in it earlier in the day. 

I sent a panicked text to Jodi asking to borrow her single BOB, only to have her offer to bring the double and push Reagan and Sky while she walked, so I could run with the group.  Now I have never given birth, so I don’t know this for sure, but I’m pretty darn sure I would not be walking 6 days after having a baby, and I wouldn’t volunteer to push 50 or so extra pounds! 

I checked it again this morning thinking if it held any air at all I would pump it up again and run with it, but it was again totally flat, like a pancake.  I wasn’t worried though because I knew Jodi would be there with the double.  Turns out Elya was there with her double as well, and only one kiddo and since she was running I put Sky in Elya’s stroller for the run.  I just didn’t feel good about Jodi pushing that extra weight. 

We had a great turn out for the run, especially considering this was all generated through posts on FB to the local Mom’s group, the Fleet Feet store page, and the Fleet Feet Sroller Mom’s page and word of mouth.  The sunny morning didn’t hurt either I’m sure! 

The gang!
We had nine mommies total, 2 walked and 7 ran.  And, I have to say I was impressed with the pace these ladies kept.  I had been hearing through FB posts and comments “I’m slow”, “I don’t want to hold anyone up”, “I’ll walk or run by myself because I’m slow” etc.  But the average pace was 11:27, I was expecting something closer to 13:00.  And, the group stuck together really well.  
It was really nice to not have the stroller actually because I was able to drop back/speed up as needed and I even sped up enough to turn around and get an action shot!  
Jessica and Julie look like they are having so much fun!!!  LOVE IT!  
Thank you to Fleet Feet Sports Tacoma, Janna, and Paul the owner for the support, the goodie bags, and letting a bunch of strollers overrun the store this morning! 
We did a total of 3.02 miles in just over 34 minutes.  Nice work ladies!  
Now, I have to rest my legs, eat right and get ready for Dodgeball tonight!

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