Exciting Running Week

 I love her crossed feet!

Before I get to the running stuff…this is a daily occurrence.  I usually get Sky going with breakfast, or on a more relaxed day I wait to get ready until her mid morning snack, and then do hair and make-up.  Without fail she will start giggling out of control because Ollie is usually licking her toes or has her nose up on the tray.  After a few good toe licks Sky will drop treats over the side for Ollie.  These two are becoming fast friends! 

Now, on to running!  First, I’m super irritated with myself for not getting a sunny, warm run in today.  It was sunny, clear, and 60 degrees today!  Unheard of for Nov around here!  But, alas I was fulfilling my IRB responsibilities and reviewing the research studies I had been assigned, and doing laundry, and playing outside with Sky and the dogs.  At least I got outside for a bit! 

I plan on getting some miles in tomorrow.  The distance will be determined by if I run with Ollie or not.  I would like to do a longer run and push the pace a bit tomorrow, so that Wednesday’s run can be a recovery run or walk as needed. 

Speaking of Wednesday, it’s the first Stroller Group run!!  I’m so excited!  El and I scouted the route and she actually went back and ran it again and figured out how to skirt through, or around UPS (depending on how busy campus looks when we get there) so that I can get the group an even 3 miles.  I know 3 miles doesn’t sound like much, but when running with babies, and I already know we have walkers, its more about how long it will take and not how far we go.  Most kiddos are good for 45 to 60 minutes…I’m shooting for 45 to 50 minutes.  I don’t want to stress anyone out because their kiddos are crying.  I hope to run it, but if there is a walker/walkers that need company I will walk it, or run/walk, or whatever the group needs me to do.  

Another run I’m excited about this week is the Scavenger Hunt Fleet Feet Sports is doing on Thursday as part of their grand opening!  It’s free, we get a map and we run around from business to business collecting raffle tickets, then all our tickets get put in a pot for prizes!  There is some good stuff…shoes, moving comfort bras (I don’t own one, but hear they are pretty BA), and a bunch of other stuff.  Michelle and I are going to work together to help each other out!  Oh, and it’s a free event!!!  We show up, sign up, and get our butts in gear to get to all the stores in the given amount of time.  Best part is, we get a ticket for free wine at Pour at Four, where the prize drawings are happening.  Even better part is, it’s Mark’s birthday that day and he said he doesn’t care at all that we are doing that.  (But we are celebrating his birthday this weekend so we will make up for it!) 

So excited for the Grand Opening stuff going on in the store.  I’m going to try and catch as much of it as I can, to support them, and maybe win some free stuff!

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