Been a week that’s all I’m gonna say.  Thankful that Sky now seems to be back to 100% normal, and her happy fun self again. 

Great news…Welcome to the World Harrison!  I just got back from the hospital to visit Jodi, CW, and Harrison!  He is such a handsome little guy!  I didn’t take a pic, really I just wanted to enjoy holding a new little baby and catching up with my friend!  Plus, he is their news to share, not mine, so will hold off posting pics for now.  It was a nice quick little visit.  Looking forward to the play-date on Monday and more baby time!

Holy cow I did a strength training workout yesterday…I am SORE!  I have gotten in the habit of running a lot, but not strength training.  Bad idea!  Now I will have to kick my own butt to get back into it, but I’m gonna do it!  Looks like I have a easy run on the schedule today…just to work out some of the soreness from yesterday’s workout.  

Big steps were taken around here today…Sky has a new training potty!  She has been telling us when she is stinky, peeing or pooping for a while now.  Sometimes when she is peeing everything stops and she holds herself.  So thought it was time to get the potty and start letting her get used to it.  Not doing anything too serious yet.  Just getting her used to it being in the bathroom and something she can sit on.

 She likes sitting on it while fully clothed at least!  

  …and climbing on it!  It’s actually meant to be used as a step stool as well.  
Sky is really enjoying having Ollie around.  She even likes Ollie’s food.  :/  Yesterday she managed to get Ollie to chase her around the living room and was thrilled.  Sky’s loves being chased.  
Sky loves giving Ollie her toys to chew on!
She is really into anything that is her size for sitting on.  She will turn anything into a Sky sized chair…even our foam roller.  She backs her little booty up to the roller and plops right down on it.  Half the time she rolls right off backwards, pretty funny! 
Leaning on Daddy…
 …and wrestling with Daddy.  
Looking forward to the weekend and an early morning scouting run Sunday.  Gotta make sure the route is ready for Wednesday’s Stroller run!  

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