Thankful Thursday

There are a few things today…

-I’m thankful for a funny bathroom conversation with this girl! 

Snuggle Bunny Kiera
Kiera was a ballerina bunny for Halloween and  needed help going potty since there were several layers to her costume.  The conversation with this kid was cracking me up!  
Kiera – Jen I know your in there…I need to go potty. You have to help me, I can’t do this by myself.  I need to go poop.  You have to help me wipe.  I don’t do a good job by myself.  Potty talk is not ok. (as she wags her finger at me) 
Me – What?
Kiera – Ms. Suzie (daycare) says potty talk it not ok.  We can’t say pee or poop.  
Me – What do you say when you have to go potty? 
Kiera – I just say it anyway.   Did you know that going poop in the middle of the floor is not ok?
Me – Yes I did know that. 
Kiear – (with a completely baffled look on her face) Really, I thought you didn’t know that.  Umm, Mommy wipes me better than that, you better do it again.  
I swear she has never seen me poop in the middle of the floor!  I love the conversations I have with both the Beckham girls, they crack me up! 
-I’m thankful we have a camp trailer with a comfy bed, because I slept in it last night.  I think the snore monster I share a bed with keeps me awake way more than Sky ever has!  I couldn’t deal with it last night, so went out to the trailer to sleep.  With the heater on and the sound of the rain I slept better than a baby!  
-I’m really thankful that Dodgeball has been so much fun this season!  We are 7-3 and even when loosing we are still having fun!  Love it!  
-Really thankful to have some spending $ designated for running stuff!  Thank you Dad!  
Here is what I have ordered so far…
E-Tip gloves so I can use my phone and not take my gloves off.  Half the time my phone rings I have missed the call by the time I get my gloves off.  And, I’m required to run with my phone for the stroller group, so these will be great!  
This top…with the cooler, rainy weather another long sleeve running top will be nice to have!  Maybe I won’t have to do laundry every day now.  🙂 
You’ll have to click here: Race Bling to see the 13.1 bling I ordered.  While not essential running gear every girl needs a little race distance bling! 
I’m holding on to the rest of the $$ for the Fleet Feet grand opening next week!  The nice thing is none of these are items I would spend my own money on.  I want them, they will get a ton of use, but I tend to be pretty practical and am not spending money that I don’t have to.  So this was a fun treat to have a little money to play with!  Thank you Dad!  
No running today…going to do a little yoga, P90X style! 

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