Frog and Kiwi

Sky and I had a surprise “last play date before new baby is here” play date with Reagan and Jodi this morning!  FYI – If all goes well Harrison should make an appearance tomorrow and Reagan will be a big sister!  Sending all my well wishes for a smooth, fast, pain free (well at least as little pain as possible!), easy delivery to Jodi! 

I had just snagged a coupon offer for 1/2 off visits to the Frog and Kiwi, an indoor playground located next to the library we do story time at, last week and was excited to start using our discounted visits!  It’s not a huge space, but great to get out of the rain and there is a big climbing structure on the back wall and a small area for babies (that’s what the yellow and orange mats are next to Sky).    

 Sky rummaging through the shopping cart Reagan filled with groceries.  You can see Reagan watching her in the background. 
Yummy grapes!!! 
Since we were concerned her Wicket costume caused her rash I found these black skeleton PJ’s on clearance, and they glow in the dark!  I wanted her to be festive if we went out and about.  Best part is, I can give them to Jodi for Harrison once Sky is done with them!  
A few other random Sky pics from Monday, we made a dash to the store even though she was still pretty sick.  I bundled her up with a hood even though it wasn’t raining, just to hide the red blotchy rash she still had going on. 
 I’d rather play with the bag than the blocks!
I see you taking my picture.  That is actually her “I have been up for a while and now need to cuddle and take another nap because I’m sick” look. 
She has been into stacking things lately, so it was time for some building blocks.  Nothing like a new toy and being naked to get over being sick!  Only problem is she keeps giving them to Ollie, who promptly chews them to pieces.  Good thing there were on sale!
On the running front, I snuck in a quick little run with Ollie last night…3.2 miles in 27:11 minutes…better than 5K PR pace!!!  Ok, only better by 20 ish seconds, but there is an extra .1 mile thrown in there!  That was with practically dragging Ollie along, at one point she sat down and flat our refused to move.  But, I got her going quickly and booked it home.  Still having blister issues, but am choosing to manage it the best I can while running through it.  I can’t sit it out forever! 

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