Weekend Update

Was a busy weekend of trying to guess if Sky was still sick, or getting better and feeling well enough to not cancel our plans.  We tried to lay low Saturday so she could rest and be ready for Bob and Michelle’s Halloween party.  We were able to go to the party for a couple hours and then came home early to get Sky to bed.

We heard there was a rebel rebellion at the party…

 Mark and I had fun putting together our Planet Endor Rebel Soldier costumes.  Mark did all the work really, painting his pants and our ponchos, guns, belts, his hat.  All I did was help shop the army surplus stores for the ponchos and cut the sleeves off.  And, scour the Star Wars forums for pictures and commentary on replicating the outfits.
Wicket showed up as well…
 She makes a cute Ewok!  

There were some other party peeps as well…
 The gang
Notice that we are on one side of the room and Bob and Tina on the other?  Sky was not ok with either one of them.  She was really concerned with Bob in particular.  She would peek around corners and check to see where he was before deciding where she was going sit down, play etc.  If he looked at her she started crying.  She was a champ though…I was ready for her to lose her mind with all the decorations etc.  But she did pretty good!  
 Sky won best costume!  I think she got the cute vote.  
We went to Nolan and Michelle’s to watch the Steelers game.  It was a fun game to watch despite the horrid throwback uniforms!    
Bumblebees or jailbirds?
The uniforms did grow on me a bit.  By the end of the game my eyes weren’t crossing anymore.  They won in them though, so I’m not complaining.  And, I liked the socks.  
We were even able to sneak away last night for an adult evening of wine tasting and a quick dinner after.  We got a couple of bottles of Fire Breathing Mead.  It’s a mix of Honey and Jalapeno wine sounds yummy no?  We were skeptical too, but it is good and it’s screams to be pared with a Mexican meal.  Since I love cooking Mexican food we got a couple bottles to enjoy!     
Thank you to Grandpy and Grammy for watching her for us.  She was not in top form as she had a slight temp and a cold related rash from head to toe,and tired from the active weekend.  
She is better this morning, the rash looks like it’s on it’s way out, but we are laying low today just in case.  Originally we thought the rash was from her Wicket costume as it only showed up where the costume had direct contact with her skin, but as the day went on it got worse and worse and spread over her whole body.  To be safe she won’t be putting the Wicket costume back on…glad we got a couple of pics of her at the party! 
The good news is I can still stick her in the jogger and go for a run even when sick.  As long as I bundle her up, give her snacks and toys she is good to go.  It’s a nice way to get out of the house without sharing germs with others!  After taking a week off for the blister situation I’m really looking forward to getting a run in!  

Speaking of running…check back tomorrow.  I have some BIG exciting news to share!!! 

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