Running Bucket List

Since this is a blister recovery week I’m not running, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about running.  I want to run, frustrated that I need to take the break, and I guess that desire and frustration make me feel like a “real” runner.  Yep there are other things I can do, like yoga etc., but I want to run!!! 

Instead of running, I’m daydreaming about the races on my bucket list.  If $ and travel were not an issue I would so be signed up for these races!

Bird In Hand 1/2

 I have always wanted to visit Amish country, something about the simple way of life really appeals to me.  I don’t want to give up my cell phone, computer, tv or car, but a break from it all in a beautiful country setting, plus a running view of the land?!  Sign me up!  
Super expensive in my opinion, but I totally want to do it.  Ever since my first visit to Disney Land as a kid I’ve been hooked.  It’s not just a kid destination people.  I think I enjoyed my visit there as an adult as much as when I was a kid!  Nothing like running in the Happiest Place on Earth to make a 1/2 less painful!  I’m not one for running in costume, but for this I would have to reconsider.  
I enjoy mud runs/obstacle courses.  It’s a nice break from “serious” races.  Just once I want to do one of the big boy mud runs.  That means Warrior Dash or a Spartan Race. 
I have heard a lot of mixed reviews as far as the organization (or lack of), large number of participants, people getting sick from the water etc.  But it looks like so much fun, and I love Rock-n-Roll music and the distraction of bands playing along the way would be nice!  At some point I will break down and do the Seattle one I’m sure, but for now I’m not a huge fan of how large this event is.  It does support the ACS though, and that is something I’m passionate about!
That’s just a start.  There are others on my list, but these are the ones that I can actually see happening some day.  There are a few international races I’d love to do, but they are all marathons and at this point in my running life I’m not ready to take on 26.2.  
Anyone else have a race wish list?  What’s on your list? 

5 thoughts on “Running Bucket List

  1. Awesome. Yeah I'm moving back there and I did it this year and want to make it my annual thing. Having a friend or a team is helpful to keep yourself going after some rough obstacles and hikes. If I didn't have people I needed to keep up with I definitely wouldn't of pushed so hard! Can't wait to catch up. xo


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