Nothing But Sky Pics

Thought a Sky Pic post would be A OK with the grandparents!  Can you believe she is 17 months old?!  Learning new things every day and talking up a storm!  We got A-Q yesterday saying her alphabet!  Such a smarty pants! 

Black Eye Update: 

As requested updated black eye pics.  As you can see in the top pic it’s hardly noticeable, you can see it a little in the bottom pic. 

 Reading to her Bebe

 Loves her books and loves sitting in Daddy’s office chair to read them and spin in circles.  

Another reading to Bebe pic. 
Learning how to color!
 Best purchase so far…may just be this little Sky sized table.  She loves it, and it’s perfect for sitting at learning all about crayons!  

Actually coloring on paper and not eating the crayons.  
Using a spoon!  
 She has gotten so good at eating with a spoon!!!  She is good for about 10 minutes and then after that she is so hungry she switches to her hands and or wants us to help her out.  But she is determined and keeps at it like a champ!  
Just for fun…
 Sky loves playing in Daddy’s recycle bin!  That thing gets moved all over the house.  

She likes the new bathroom floor!  

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