Nice Job…

To my my 2 nieces Emma (10), Sophie (8), and my nephew Miles (6).  They all finished their races in great time and each one placed 3rd in their age divisions making them all double medal winners this weekend!  Did I mention that Emma’s 10K had around 2,000 feet of elevation gain!  She climbed a mountain!  Very nice job! 

I love it that my Sister and her husband have not pushed running on the kids at all.  They run with their kids, sometimes with the kiddos in the jogger or on bikes, but eventually over time the kids run more and more.  They have done a great job of setting an active life style example, but giving them play/snack breaks and or skipping runs altogether if the kids were not on board.  They seem to have found a great balance, and it has paid off with three little runners in the house.  I love that they enter races as a family.  I hope that Mark and I are able to accomplish the same thing with Sky.  I don’t care if she ever enters a single race, but I hope she embraces an active lifestyle and continues to enjoy biking and running with Mark and I!

I am taking the week off from running thanks to my nasty blisters.  I need to give my feet time to recover, and really don’t think running in the rain will help.  I did get a walk in with Jodi this morning which was nice.  It could be our last pre-baby walk!  She is due next week, I hope we get our walk in next Monday, but if not I will settle for holding Harrison instead!  Can’t wait for the little guy to be here! 

Thank you to Amy for this book…more importantly thank you for the personal message inside.  It means a lot to me! 

Since I’m not running this week, I can read about it instead!!!  
I have never actually read a single running related book.  I read my running magazines cover to cover, but never cracked open a running book.  I’m really looking forward to reading it!  
It’s a pretty chill day today, Sky recovering from a cold, my fighting a cold, and Mark home sick with the same cold.  Thankfully Sky slept in to 8am which was lovely since Mark and I were both up until after 1am unable to sleep last night.   We are all cozy in the house staying warm and dry.

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