Playing in the Rain

Sky loves being outside, even in the rain.  She is a crazy baby if she doesn’t get time outside to play! 

 She loves her “pop pop” toy! 

Yesterday afternoon was kinda perfect.  Mark came home, hooked up the bike cart and we took off on a bike/run.  Mark and Sky biked, Ollie and I ran.  It was fun, Ollie is a great little runner and Mark was pretty content to stay at my pace which is nice because I like watching Sky play in the bike cart and flash me smiles.  🙂  He did speed up here and there and then double back to hang with my slow butt for a while. 

We got home just before the nasty wind and rain started.  I love being cozy inside when it’s yucky out.  My splits were kinda funny Mile 1 – 11 ish, Mile 2-3 10:45 ish, Mile 4 – 8:30 and I felt good at that pace.  I wanted to go faster but Ollie was at the end of the leash behind me and I didn’t think dragging her down the sidewalk would look good.  I don’t know why, but my first 3 miles are always so dang slow, but mile 4 and beyond I hit my zone and turn it up.  

Shout out to Kristine who is running the Ft. Steilacoom Trail Run this weekend, I love Ft. Steilacoom, I hope you enjoy it!  Sorry running with you didn’t work out, lets find another time to hit the trails together!

Also shout out to my sister and family who are running the Brazen Rocky Ridge run this weekend.  Brian and Emma (10 or 11?) are running the 10K, Miles (5 almost 6?) and Sophie (8?) are running the 5K and my sister is running support for Miles.  I really should know their ages shouldn’t I?!  Seems like the kiddo’s are PR’ing every race they do know, can’t wait to see how they do. 

I’m running the Cupcake Virtual 5K Saturday morning at Chamber’s Bay. 

It’s a fun excuse to get some friends together and do a quick little fun run and then eat cupcakes after.  I have Strawberry cupcakes cooling right now, waiting for some Vanilla frosting!  

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