Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for:

-A sense of humor

Me – Are you cranky?
Sky – I kinky. 


-New floor in the bathroom!  It’s been a project in the works since March people!  March I tell you.  No Mark is not a slow worker, but we have run into one problem after another like rotted sub-flooring, bad plumbing etc.  So, each thing we run into we fix (by we I mean Mark) so it has taken way longer than anticipated.  But the first step to having a competed master bath remodel is flooring!  Check it out…


-A new running partner…meet Ollie

She is a surprise addition to the family, and happens to be a great runner!  She is a 7 year old Australian Sheppard, great with kids, loves being inside/right next to you.  So far is getting along with Bishop, and I have taken her on a 2 mile run, just to test her out.  She did great, tired out quickly, but she is in an adjustment phase as well.  So with some time and training I think she will be great!

-For an afternoon run while Mark and Sky bike!  


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