The only thing I was debating last night was Red or White!  Will be glad when all the political stuff is over!!! 

Went for my first run since the Pt. D race Saturday.  I’ve been giving the blisters a chance to calm down and figured running in the rain wouldn’t help.  Yesterday was lovely running weather, but the blisters were still at the throbbing in pain point, so rested instead.

Anyway, did a quick 2 miles, kept the pace under 10 min for both miles although my legs felt way more tired than I feel like they should have.  Pretty obvious to me I need to trail train a bit more.  Have been mostly road running this year and can tell by the fact that the trail runs are kicking my a$$ big time!!!

Good news is the blisters hurt a bit but were livable.  I have dodgeball tonight, am a little worried about that, but will wrap my feet up really well so the side to side movement won’t do more damage.

I’m thinking new trail shoes may be in order.  My toes were hitting the end the entire 11 miles, and my toenails still hurt so bad I can hardly stand to have socks and shoes on.  Kinda wish they would just fall off and get it over with.  Either new shoes or try longer laces and lacing them different to keep my feet in place.  I don’t have any more trails races in the near future so have some time to work that out.

Has been a quiet few days with Sky being sick with a cold and me resting my feet and legs.  Finally starting to feel like things are getting back to normal today!

Monday Sky was not feeling the food thing, so to get some breakfast into her I busted out the chocolate chip baked oatmeal muffins I made for Mark.  Needless to say that did the trick and she loved them so much that she went directly into the bath (which she calls “dub, dub” because I sing “scrub a dub dub Sky’s in the tub” during bath time) when she was done.  

Look Mommy, I’m using both hands!  
Your the one who gave it to me!  


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