Sky Says…

..Oral health is important so brush your teeth!  
She is walking around throwing her hands in the air and saying touchdown.  I think she is ready for football Sunday!  I know I’m ready for some football!  
She is also walking around all crooked head and strange limping shuffle.  I’m pretty positive she has never seen a zombie, but she sure is walking around looking like a baby zombie and it is creeping me out big time! 
My legs need a day of rest and stretching, and my badly blistered feet sure need the break.  So a day of recovery and football it is!  
Except for Mark…he is working on the master bathroom.  Flooring goes in today and the shower pan goes in for the last time.  We have moved that thing in and out more times than I care to count. 
Some random post-race musings: 
-While I was in one of my “own space” stretches of the race I was wondering what the science is behind trail running vs road running.  What I mean is, trail running is so much easier on your body, but I wonder if the give of the ground takes away some of the power in your stride.  Road running I feel like I get a strong push off with each step, but less so on the trail.  Is that part of why trail running is harder?  Also, I find I never really settle into a relaxed pace either.  Every trail run I have done there is speed up, slow down, walk because you can’t get around the person in front of you, walk because there is a crazy hill to get up, slow down for that log across the trail, don’t slip and fall in the puddle or mud.  It all means you don’t really get to settle into a grove like you do on a road course.  It’s like interval training and so much harder on my legs.  
-Why can’t I be a cute runner?  Amy…her post Chicago pic I saw adorable!  She should look like crap right?!  Kristine and Elya yesterday after the race, both beautiful!  Me, red blotchy face and breathing hard…so not a cute runner.  I look like I have to work hard for it!  I know they are working hard for it too, but darn they look cute doing it.  
-Why are the laces on my trail shoes so darn short?  I can’t lace them the way I want to because they are too short.  I know, I know I could get different, longer laces, but then they wouldn’t be the cute ones that match the shoes.  
-Why didn’t I bother to actually learn how to use my GPS watch?  Nothing like pushing the start button to get a File Full message.  I never bothered to learn how to delete past runs out of it.  I had to keep asking Elya what mile we were at so I would know how much to push based on how many miles were left.  
-What the heck am I going to do about my blister issues?  I can’t keep jacking up my feet like this.  I don’t think it’s the shoes, socks, amount of glide, inserts etc.  No matter what I have tried, what combo of socks, shoes, and glide, no matter the distance I get blisters.  Even on short little 3 mile runs I get the beginning of blisters.  Clearly this is something I’m prone to and I have got to figure it out quick!  My races schedule next year is looking to be all longer distances. 
Thankfully it’s a pain I can run through, but I was so irritated yesterday while running knowing there were some nasty blisters developing.  
-I love the running leggings I wore yesterday, but they are a bit too big.  They kept sliding down and I had to keep pulling them up.  I know they don’t look to big in the pic, but after a few miles of movement they start to slide down.  You would think after all the washes they have been through they would tighten up a bit, but then I don’t dry any of my running stuff in the drier.  I guess them being too big is a good thing, and now that I think about it my go too running skirts are too big as well.  Better than them getting too small for sure!  

-Elya and I spent most of the run speculating as to where we were in the park.  I had zero idea of where we were 95% of the race, but I loved it.  I know it goes against conventional running wisdom but I hate knowing the course.  I like an overall idea of if it’s hilly or flat or paved, gravel etc.  But I don’t like knowing every last little turn of the course. 

Lastly…It’s interview day tomorrow on the blog!!!  


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