Thankful Thursday

There is a whole list today!

I’m Thankful…

-That I have the Pt. D Ultra this weekend, otherwise I may have let the weather change derail my running.  I have totally been feeling the stay in PJ’s on the couch all day thing.  But there is nothing like having a race on the books to make you feel motivated!  Only doing the 10 mile option though…haven’t gone crazy and decided to do 50K, yet anyway.  

-I have a pre-race massage tomorrow…my neck has a kink in it that needs some help!

-To be playing Dodgeball again this season.  I took a little break, but I’m back, and I’m having a blast!

-That I had no idea what I was going to cook for dinner tonight, thought of something that sounded really good, didn’t think I had everything I need to make it, but found out I did have everything!  No trip to the store for me!

-The Steelers are playing tonight and we have the NFL Network, so we get to watch it! 

-There are clean sheets on the bed!

-That I didn’t break my neck getting the last bin of Sky’s cloths and the Halloween bin down out of the garage rafters.  (Probably shouldn’t do that when I’m the only adult home…if I did fall Sky would be on her own until Daddy got home.)  

-I have something exciting coming to the blog in the next few days…something I’ve never done on the blog before! 

-I was able to consign the Baby Bjorn and Moby Wrap for a great in-store credit.  I was able to get Sky several new-to-her clothing items, adorable pair of high-tops, and still have a credit to use!  Apparently if you have the user manuals for Bjorn’s and Moby Wraps they give you extra $$ for that.  Glad I saved all that stuff!

-That I’m not Lance Armstrong!  It’s getting UGLY! 

Sky is thankful for a few things today as well…

Unexpected lunch at the market with Daddy, in her new puffy silver vest!  That was one of the finds at the consignment shop!

Her new outfit, Thank You Grandma Jackie!  It is a little big, but not too big, so she can wear it now and grow into! 

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