Justin Bieber

Last night was the big night for Grace and her very first concert!  How cool is it that her first concert is Justin Bieber.  Oh yes she has the fever, he is her future husband don’t you know?!

I will admit I was close to tears almost the whole evening.  Seeing Grace, and all the other little girls, all dressed up talking about how they hope they get to meet him, go on stage, be his girlfriend.  It was absolutely adorable.

This was my first really big concert.  I have never been to a sold out world tour, artist that  induces mania type of concert before.  (Lets face it Aerosmith was already a has been by the time I went to my first Aerosmith concert, and they are pretty much the only concerts I go to now.)  So this was kinda big, even for me.

As for JB, dude knows how to put on a good show.  The stage set up, lights, special effects, video display were like nothing I have ever seen.  The fans were like nothing I have experience either.  Have you ever heard 20 thousand plus little girls singing every word to a song?  Especially the acoustic songs…when he turned all the electric stuff off it was pretty amazing to hear all the girls singing.  It was funny during the 10 min count down, each minute that ticked off the clock resulted in frenzied screaming like I have never heard.  

Grace was pretty funny.  I think she was a little overwhelmed.  It’s her soon to be husband after all and it was loud with all the screaming and the sound production.  She spent most of the concert sitting and staring in amazement at the stage.  She was actually much more relaxed during Carley Rae Jepson.  The most adorable thing ever was every time JB asked a question to get the screaming going, like “who wants to be my girlfriend” or “who’s my special girl”, Grace would put her hand up like she was in school waiting to be called on.  I don’t think she screamed once during the whole show.     

I’m thankful I got to go with her to her first concert and “see” a concert through a little girls eyes.  It was pretty special.

These are totally out of order…

 Grace feel asleep, but woke up for encore to hear her two fave songs.  
 This was her during all of JB.  She just sat there staring.  
 During Carley Rae…the call me maybe dance. 
 Fingers up!
 Waiting, and waiting, and waiting for JB! 
 Fell asleep during the “slow” part of the concert.  She really only missed the ballads that she doesn’t really know anyway.  
 The stage was massive.  All the white is video screens, the black space in the upper middle was also a video screen, and on each side of the stage next to the white screens (in the black void in this pic) there were more video screens.  Ton’s of lighting/lasers all through the dome, fire works, confetti, explosions, lifts, holes in the stage he would jump in and out of…he really pulled out all the stops.   
 Waiting for JB. 
 This was her big smile face picture for Mark!

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