Ealy Wake Up

Had another 6 am run this morning with Elya.  Even though I loved the last 6 am run we did it didn’t help me enjoy the early alarm. 

I have come to the conclusion that if I’m going to do 6am run’s, 3 miles is not enough to make it worth it.  I would rather get 8 to 10 miles in and feel like I really accomplished something.  But, I needed to be home before Mark needed to get to work, and Elya had to be to work this morning as well.  And, the point of today was a nice easy, short pre-race run.  We kept the pace under 10 min miles, which is good.  I don’ run fast short…I don’t usually kick into high speed (haha) until 5 miles in.  Takes me a while to warm up!

 I’m going to try and get one more in tomorrow or Thursday, but have a busy few days.  So will see what happens.  Regardless I feel 100% ready for 10 miles Saturday. 

I do find it a bit ironic that it’s going to start raining just in time for 10 miles of Pt. D trails, but that’s part of the fun of trail running.  Wet and muddy!  I have to dig out my rain running gear…I seriously don’t even know what I have to wear while running in the rain…it’s been that long since we have had any rain to speak of! 

After the early start, I came home and was able to shower and get myself put together before Sky woke up, and then it was off to Play To Learn at Charles Wright.  It’s a pretty cool program and best part is 100% free!!  Even better! 

Later tonight is the Justin Bieber concert with Grace and Michelle.  I have heard that Grace is beside herself with excitement and I’m pretty excited to be there for her very first concert! 

Now I need to find time for a cat nap, or I’m going to poop out at the concert.  

Play To Learn Pics from today…

Jingle Bells!  (first time I have gotten her hair into pig tails!  so cute!)
Yes she is the one that dumps all the toys out of the bins and puts the bins on her head!  
 Really don’t know why we bother getting her toys at all. 
Playing with little Lego people.  
 These shaker egg things are probably her fave toy.  It’s the first thing she goes for every time, and loves the one we have at home for her.  
Now my goal is to get her on board with circle time.  She kinda hates putting the toys to the side for circle time singing and stories. 

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