Chicago Bound

This lovely running lady (no not me (hahah) Amy!)  is headed to Chicago tomorrow and running the Chicago Marathon this weekend! 

Amy and I before my first 1/2.  She smiles like that all the time!

I’ll admit I have a bit of a running girl crush on Amy.  She is one of those runners that you kinda want to hate makes is looks so easy and fun.  We both ran the same 1/2 and she was home, showered, and all dolled up in her evening dress (just kidding about the dress) before I crossed the finish line. 

Any time you get fitted for shoes and the running coach asks who sent you, and you say Amy, and the coach says “she is such a strong runner that I knew I couldn’t help her improve” that is pretty darn impressive!  Although she is so humble you won’t hear her admit to how great a runner she is.  

One of the things I love about Amy is she gets excited for other runners and supports them no matter what kind of runner they are.  I know my idea of a long run probably makes her think why bother.  Yet when I post on FB about my 3, 5, 8 milers she is quick to like the post even though she runs like 20 miles a day, blindfolded, backwards, with her shoes tied together and does it twice as fast as I can even think about running…oh and she looks cute doing it (told you…kinda want to hate her but she is so darn likable! ).

Another running thing I love about her is that while I’m sure she has goals for each run ultimately she wants to have fun and enjoy herself.  If it’s not fun why do it right?! And, she is willing to share tips and advice any time I have questions. 

Running aside Amy is just a really great person who is quick to share a laugh, seems to always have a smile on her face (yes even at the end of a race when she should be in pain and misery like the rest of us), has a good heart and is fun to be around.  Plus, Sky likes her.  

She has worked her booty off getting ready for Chicago.  No matter how easy running is or isn’t for someone there is a point(s) in every race that it gets hard.  I wish a strong, fun race for Amy and strength to get through the hard miles.   

Run Amy Run!!!  I will be thinking of you and checking the results all day.  I can’t wait to hear how you do!!!  You or Jodi had better send me a text…I will be on pins and needles!  

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