Peg Board

In my opinion it takes a stupid amount of “tools” to continue being able to run.  Everything from gear, to vitamins, foam rollers, to stretching and massages.  Oh the joys of taking up running in my mid (soon to be late) 30’s! 

The number one tool that I LOVE and use every day is my peg board from Fenix Rehab Systems. 

Looks exactly like what it sounds like it is.  A small board with holes in it to put different sizes of pegs to allow for self trigger pointing. 

There is a book and DVD to give specific instructions on where to trigger point based on what is hurting.  I tend to just do what feels good.  If something hurts, like my calf, I start high, with my hip, and work my way down the back/inside/outside of the leg through the calf and on into the foot. 

I have found it to work on headaches, neck, shoulder, back, hip, leg, ankle, and foot pain.  Best part is, I can use it while sitting on the couch watching TV or movies. 

Mine was given to me as a gift (thank you Dad!), but I found it for order on this site: Peg Board

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