Monday Funday!!!

No running, no strength training for me today.  (Although I spent a lot of time using my peg board to work out some kinks in my legs.  I will post about that tomorrow.)  Just lot’s of fun at the zoo with Jodi and Reagan, and I think really good progress on figuring out Sky’s new schedule and what nap time works best for her!  Today was a dream actually! 

Sky on the left, Reagan on the Right.  They decided tummy sliding is much more fun!  
 I love you Mommy…see you at the bottom!  

The shadows get in the way, but she had the biggest grin on her face!  

 Lets do it again! 

This is a twirly pod thing that she can sit in and twirl in circles non-stop, and she LOVES it!  
After nap time, using Daddy’s chair as a standing desk to read her books.  She just loves her books.  Yep…those pants are a little long…18 month stuff is too small and 24 is a tad big, but she can grow into them.  
I ended the night at an IRB meeting at MultiCare.  I’m always proud of the work that is accomplished.  It’s amazing to see the “backside” of medicine and how much work and effort goes into research and finding a cure/better ways to treat patients.  I love my volunteer work!

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