8 Miles Before 8 AM

I kinda had the most perfect run ever this morning!  Elya and I needed to get a longer kid free run in to be ready for our 15K.  To make that happen we agreed to meet at her place at 6 am and run an 8 mile loop from her house. 

I will admit when my alarm went off at 4:30 this morning I was a bit irritated wondering why we thought this was a good idea.  I was even more irritated that my tummy was not working with me. 

But, I don’t bail on runs with friends unless it is really, really, really serious.  Elya and I were both a bit not thrilled with how crisp the air was.  But I tell you, after making it to Chambers bay (1.76 miles from her house), and taking a quick pit stop to work out some issues the rest of the run was AMAZING!

We started out under the stars, watching the moon set over the sound, and finished with a beautiful sunrise and perfect temp after the first 2 miles.  I felt amazing!  Best part is we hit 8 and I knew I had more in my legs.  I could have kept going no problem.  Totally feel ready for Pt. D 15 K trail run in two weeks!  So excited to run some new trails!  

I tried the Vanilla Bean GU, first time using GU, while the texture is strange the flavor was fine and I felt like my energy level was pretty perfect the entire run.  Will be getting more of that for the 15K.

Amazing run, home before 8 am, dinner in the crock pot by 9:30 am, football on the TV all day….yeah it was a pretty perfect day! 

BTW – Can you believe the crazy good weather we are having?!  I am LOVING it!!!  Doing my best to make the most of it while it lasts!!! 

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