Another Adoption?!

Bet I got you with that!  I had mentioned to Mark that when Sky is older it may be a good idea to let her pick out a Cabbage Patch Kid, and receive a birth certificate and adoption paperwork.  I thought it would help her understand how we became a forever family. 

Well Daddy and Sky were “window shopping” at Costco and they found Cabbage Patch Kid Babies…and of course Sky grabbed this one and was not letting go.  So, we jumped the gun a bit, but she sure loves her Bebe.  I picked it up to move it and she lost it.  You should have heard the worry in her voice when she was walking around looking for Bebe, saying Bebe over and over with a quaver in her voice.  It was actually kinda sad.  The birth cert is so cute with foot and thumb prints, and Sky is listed as the Mommy on the adoption certificate.  So cute! 

After Costco I hit up Safeway for BOGO meat and ended up with $73 of free meat!  We now have a freezer FULL of pork chops, roast meat, ground hamburger, chicken leg quarters, and drum sticks. 

I wanted to sneak in a short, easy, flat run today because the weather was amazing, but I was literally gone from 10 am until 4 pm running errands and grocery shopping.  But it paid off  I got some great deals on food and cloths for Sky, and got everything done that I needed to! 

So even though I didn’t get a run in, I was on my feet all day, and I have a 8 mile run with Elya tomorrow morning at 6am.  Kinda dreading getting up at 4 ish, yes it takes me exactly 2 hours to be ready to run…mostly because I have to give my stomach time to settle after eating breakfast.  But, it will be nice to be home early, chillen the rest of the day watching football! 

One last Sky pic…

Girl LOVES her books! 

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