Recovery Run

Migraine recovery run for me and 1/2 recovery run for Elya.  We hit 5 Mile Drive and took it easy.  I was a little worried because I still had the left over pain from the migraine and exercise will either make it better or make it much, much worse. 

Thankfully today’s run made it better.  Still have a little niggle of pain, but so much better.  We took it easy on Elya’s legs and walked when needed, and took turns pushing her two kiddos.  I totally have a  new found respect for her…her kiddos are so much harder to push than Sky is!  She is Super Woman!! 

Between trading off on the kiddos and walking as needed we made it through the entire loop and not in bad time either. 

The new shoes felt great as did the new inserts I’m testing out.  I already knew the shoes would be fine, they are the same ones I already have.  I was more worried about the inserts, as they are a totally different brand.  But so far they seem to be working. 

I have a 6 am 8 miler planned Sunday morning, so that will be a better test of the inserts. 

Backtracking a few days…I got Sky a used Sky size table and chairs that she LOVES! 

Look at that happy little face!  It’s a pretty cool table with a white board section and a chalk board section as well.  Best part is the clips to hole her paper for drawing and coloring.  Now…we have to work on not eating the crayons! 

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