Migraines Are Dumb!

My day started out great!  First, I was excited at how great my legs felt after running close to 8 miles.  I remember when I started training for the 1/2 each new distance killed me the next day, the first time I hit 6 miles my legs hated me, and now I can do 7 almost 8 and still feel great the next day!  Second, I had these new shoes to break in on my walk with Jodi and the weather was perfect…not too cold not too hot for a nice easy walk. 

The shoes arrived Saturday and I so badly wanted to wear them for the race Sunday, but the #1 rule is don’t wear anything race day that you haven’t tested out on a training run.  And, even though I was only running support and not really racing I stuck to what I know works so I could focus on Elya and helping her out rather than risking dealing with new shoe issues. 

Also, I’m testing out different inserts than what I have in my other shoes.  Nothing wrong with the other ones, the ones I’m testing are a much more cost effective option if they work out.  I didn’t want to run too far on untried inserts.     

I figured a walk in them today would be a good first wear.  5 Mile Drive tomorrow will be a better test. 

The girls ready for our walk.  We did not dress them in the same jacket on purpose.  It just happened.  No matter what I did I couldn’t get Reagan to smile.  She was not amused by me in the least. 

My day went downhill after the walk though.  On the way home from Jodi’s I developed a migraine.  I haven’t had one in a really long time, and it seems the longer I go between them the worse they are when I do get one.  I almost had to pull over because my eyes were bothering me so much.  Thankfully Mark was able to leave work early and take care of Sky so I could go to bed.

Feeling better now, still having flashes of pain, but nothing like how I felt earlier today.  I’m hopeful that I wake up feeling like a new person in the morning…I really want to get my 5 Mile run in with the Stroller Fit ladies!  


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