16 Months Old Yesterday

I can’t believe Sky is 16 months old already.  She is so smart and funny and brave, and full of laughter, exploring, friendliness, and yes sass.  

She makes me laugh every day and constantly amazes me with how fast she learns things, good and bad.  (I may have to ban myself from watching football with her!  Why do they pick up the bad words so fast?) 

I’m still amazed that we were given such a precious gift.  Our lives are so full of love and laughter and little girl fun.  I’m so thankful for my life and my amazing little family of 3.  Life is good!  

 Twisting big girl slide all by herself.  
 Umm…with the static hair this almost makes her look scary.  
 She walked up tot he slide and instead of sitting down dove head-first!  Was a little crooked at the bottom.  
 This is so much fun!  

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