Ch, ch, ch, Changes…

Seems like change is in the air!  Yesterday was summer, warm and sunny…today is totally fall!  I love the sun, but I love running in fall weather way better than summer weather, so I’m not complaining.  Plus it’s football season, so I’m happy!   

It seems Sky is on the change train as well.  Naps are sort of all over the place.  Some days not eating much, and others eating non stop all day long.  I am pretty certain she is getting ready to grow a lot.  She had 3 servings at breakfast, ate all her snack while on our run, and then wanted lunch at 11 and ate two servings.  Has yet to take her 10 am nap…it’s 12:13. 

The only reason I care about the nap is I time my runs to end so we can come home, take a nap and I get to shower.  But here I am still in my running cloths smelling like a goat while she is living it up having a dance party in the living room. 

A positive change…letting me know she is done with meal time without tossing her food on the floor.  She still has moments, but is doing so much better.  That was driving me crazy!

Big change for me…I am not going back to the Y as planned.  I suspended my membership for the summer to not only help save money and gas during the crazy gas price season, but so I could focus on running more. I have loved being able to run more and strength train enough to maintain my activity level.  

Plus, my unemployment ends in Dec. and we have to make some changes if I’m going to stay home with Sky, which is what we both want.  So, since I’m highly motivated to run and P90X it at home I’m totally fine giving up my Y membership.  I actually really love just taking off running from my front door rather than load Sky and the stroller into the car and drive across town to the Y.  It’s nice that Ft. St. Park is within 8 to 9 running minutes from our house and offers miles and miles of running for me and play for Sky.   

Had a nice easy pre-race run with Elya this morning.  I will be catching her at mile 6 of her 1/2 this weekend and running her in the rest of the way.  She is filling in for someone else and has not been able to train for this, so thought I would pace her to help out.

Gave this new Athleta top a test run today and love it!  I wanted to save my money for the Seattle store opening the end of the year, but I couldn’t wait (I only have a few long sleeve running tops and with the increased running I’m doing and in turn laundry knew I would need this long before the new store opens), plus I needed a new running bra (I detest spending $$ on bras!)  So ordered this top and got fitted for a running bra…will not be posting pics of that though.  🙂

  Verdict…It stays in place…I don’t like it when tops ride up while running and next thing you know your belly button is showing.  It felt good no rubbing in bad places and looks cute.  Thank you again Dad for supporting my running!

One thought on “Ch, ch, ch, Changes…

  1. As Grandpa Jack would say–“You are entirely welcomed.” I so much wanted to get back to running so I could share that experience with you. The endocrinologist raised my quick acting insuline up to 140 units a day. The average diabetic takes between 20-30 units a day. My slow acting insuline is up to 100 units a day. This creates very sudden drops in glucose ad running would continue to be a problem for me. Supporting your running is an honor for me and makes me feel like I am still a huge part of it. I love being your # 1 sponsor.
    luv dad


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