Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for the Ellen show.  Most days Sky is a dream, little miss easy as pie to be with all day.  But, some days she is a little devil, I still love her, but some days she likes to test the limits to the max. 

On those days when nothing is working, and I just need her to settle down and chill for a bit the Ellen show does the trick.

As soon as she hears the music she settles in on the couch next to me and watches.  She gets up and dances when Ellen dances, and when she has Sophia Grace and Rosie on Sky is totally oblivious to everything else. 

I don’t use the TV often to parent, but when I need it I’m super thankful to have Ellen!

No cartoons for Sky…give her some Ellen once in a while and she is happy! 

It doesn’t hurt that her message is “Be Kind To One Another” which is one of my TOP things to teach Sky.  I want her to be a kind caring person. 

Thank you Ellen!

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